Public Lottery Hunts

2021 Public Lottery Hunts for Wildlife Management Areas

Please Note:

SCDNR is using an online application system for public hunts that are conducted on a lottery basis. Applications for hunts are entered under the heading "LOTTERY HUNTS" using the internet site. Be sure to have your SCDNR Customer ID number ready when preparing to apply. Your Customer ID number can be found on any hunting or fishing license issued by the department.

It is critical that you use the same Customer ID each time you apply for a lottery hunt. Failure to do so will result in failure for preference points to be correctly attributed

If you are an existing customer, do not create a new account. By doing so you will not receive credit for previously accumulated preference points. If you have questions or need any assistance, contact Trista Bishop at 803-734-3892 or

Deadline to apply for the Deer Lottery Hunts is Sunday, August 15th at 5PM

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The Public Lottery Hunts (PLH) program is one means by which the Wildlife Section of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) works to provide hunting opportunity to the general public. This program provides hunting opportunities to the public on lands managed intensively for wildlife. The program has experienced growth since its inception with the addition of hunt sites, hunt dates, applicant numbers, and species hunted.

The PLH program is a multi-faceted effort. The success of the PLH program lies in the ability of SCDNR staff to treat each applicant fairly and equitably without bias. The PLH program serves as a hunter recruitment and retention tool because the program provides a quality hunting experience for novice and seasoned hunters, both youth and adult, female and male on managed lands.

SCDNR Lottery Hunt Details

Hunt Name Average number of preference
points for selection*
Alligator 3 to 4
Deer Multi-site 1 to 2
Deer Unrestricted Multi-site 0 (new hunt for this year)
Webb Gun (Deer) 3 to 4
Webb Archery (Deer) 3 to 4
Quail (McBee WMA) 2 to 3
Turkey Multi-site 2 to 3
Turkey Multi-site (Youth) 0 to 1
Waterfowl 2 to 3
Waterfowl (Youth) 1 to 2

*Selection is also influenced by site selection (or hunt unit) and date. More popular sites may take a little longer for selection and less popular sites will generally take fewer preference points. Hunt party size can also affect selection.

These are the approximate number of preference points to be selected for a SCDNR lottery hunt and are no guarantee of selection. Actual hunter selection can vary depending on the number of sites and dates chosen and the popularity of the site and/or the type of lottery hunt.