Nov/Dec 2013Earth and Water, Wind and Sun
Preventing and Responding to Floodsby David Lucas

South Carolinians love the water, and many choose to live near the ocean or rivers. Flood-prone areas have been identified in every single county in South Carolina, and the LW&C Division's Flood Mitigation program coordinates floodplain management efforts, South Carolina's floodplain mapping initiative, and grants to participating communities that support projects that lessen insured properties flooding risk.

Flood Facts:

  • South Carolina has faced damages of more than $7 billion in the last twelve years from flooding and hurricane events.
  • Future floodplain development will increase the number of properties at risk to flood damage.
  • The state ranks sixth in the nation for National Flood Insurance program policies in effect and seventeenth in the number of repetitive loss properties.
  • The Flood Mitigation program provides mitigation assistance during the recovery phase of natural disasters.


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