Nov/Dec 2013Earth and Water, Wind and Sun:
Homegrown Protection for Scenic Riversby David Lucas

While each is special in its own way, all of the ten major river segments currently enrolled in the DNR's Scenic Rivers program have one thing in common - the involvement of private landowners and other stakeholders determined to protect a valued resource that benefits the larger communities found along their banks.

It's an approach to river corridor protection and management that relies on a voluntary, community-based process driven by the people who have the largest stake in protecting the resource. The intent of the program is to bring landowners together to study the river and key issues affecting lands bordering the river. Together, landowners and other interested parties in the community develop a scenic river management plan that recommends long-term management strategies oriented toward preserving traditional uses of the river and the preservation of the scenic beauty of the river corridor.

Rivers currently enrolled in the program include:

  • Ashley River
  • Black River
  • Broad River
  • Catawba River
  • Great Pee Dee River
  • Little Pee Dee River
  • Little Pee Dee River of Dillon County
  • Saluda River
  • Middle Saluda River
  • Lynches River

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