...All-terrain vehicle; "four-wheeler;" generally not licensed to operate on a public road.

Blue Ridge Escarpment...A narrow band of mountainous country separating the Blue Ridge Mountains from the Piedmont, featuring many narrow ridges, steep gorges, and rock cliffs.

BMPs...Best Management Practices: A set of management guidelines used to minimize the adverse impacts of forest based activities.

Coldwater Stream...A mountain stream with water cold enough to support a trout fishery.

DEC...Duke Energy Corporation; formerly Duke Power Company.

Early Successional Habitat...An area with mostly sapling-size trees, usually having dense shrub cover.

Endemic Species...A plant or animal species found only in a small area, typically no bigger than one or two counties.

Even-aged Management...A forest management system featuring clearcutting most or all of a stand of trees and subsequent treatment of the site, so that the trees in the new growth are all approximately the same age.

Headwater Stream...The smallest tributary streams in a watershed, generally rising on the steepest, highest slopes.

Mast...The fruits of trees, shrubs, and ground cover plants preferred as food by wildlife, such as acorns (hard mast) and berries (soft mast).

Neotropical Migratory Songbird...Songbirds which migrate to Central or South America for the winter and return to North America for the summer.

OHV...Off-highway vehicle; generally a jeep, pickup truck or sport utility vehicle with four-wheel drive.

Regeneration...Replacement of trees either by natural processes or by planting.

Riparian Zone...The band of vegetation immediately adjacent to a stream, important to shading and keeping sediment out of the stream.

RV...Recreational Vehicle: A pickup truck or trailer outfitted with facilities for sleeping, preparation of food, and other camping activities.

SCDNR...The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Uneven-aged Management...A forest management system which involves cutting some trees in a stand and leaving others, so that the remaining trees and new growth are of two or more different ages.

Viewshed...The portion of the surrounding landscape visible from a certain point on the ground, generally a high point with a relatively long view.


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