Marine Resources Monitoring, Assessment, & Prediction - MARMAP

Research Crew

Joseph (Joey) Ballenger
Wildlife Biologist IV

Joey is the lead biologist of our age and growth laboratory, overseeing the aging of all life history samples collected via the MARMAP program.  He also acts as one of the chief scientists on MARMAP research cruises.  His research interests include fish life history and population dynamics, fish biology/ecology, and fisheries science/management.  He joined the project in August of 2009.  
Degree: B.S. Biology (Winthrop University), M.S. Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures (Auburn University), Ph.D. Oceanography (Old Dominion University)

Office: 843-953-9046
Laurie DiJoy Laurie DiJoy
Wildlife Biologist II

Laurie has been working as a reproductive biologist for the last 6 years. She recently transitioned to data management and analysis, responsible for data logistics and electronics. Laurie is also the chief scientist on our tilefish long lining cruises. Her interests include reproductive biology and ecology of fishes.

Degree: B.S. Zoology (North Carolina State University), Minor in Chemistry

Office: 843-953-9002

Joseph Evans

Michelle Falk

Dawn Glasgow

Sarah Goldman Sarah F. Goldman
Wildlife Biologist I

Sarah is the lead biologist for MARMAP diet studies.  She also coordinates sampling for the juvenile gag ingress project.

Degree: M.S. Environmental Studies (University of Charleston)

Office:  843-953-3256
Kevin Kolmos Kevin Kolmos
Wildlife Biologist II

Kevin manages and maintains all aspects of the Marine Resource Division's Histology Laboratories.  His interests include marine ecology, fisheries biology, and environmental resource management.  He joined MARMAP in 2007.

Degree: M.S. Environmental Studies (University of Charleston)

Office: 843-953-9100
Betsy Laban
Biological Science Technician

Betsy is a NOAA employee stationed at MRRI. Her expertise is the determination of age and growth of larval and juvenile fishes through otolith micro-increment analysis. She is assisting the group with age-growth efforts; including determining when the first annular growth increment is formed through micro-increment analysis. She joined the team in 2011.

Degree: B.S. Biology (University of South Carolina)

Office: 843-953-9810
Stephen Long Stephen A. Long
Wildlife Biologist I

Age Growth and Logistics
In addition to reading otoliths, Stephen handles cruise logistics and gear. Other interests include bathymetric mapping. He joined the project in the fall of 2010.

Degree: B.A. Geology (College of Charleston)

Office: 843-953-9060
Paulette Powers Mikell Paulette Powers Mikell
Wildlife Biologist III

Paulette’s duties include assisting on research cruises as chief scientist and watch chief, conducts life history studies on various reef fishes, including age and growth and fecundity analysis; Paulette is a certified NAUI scuba instructor and a member of the dive safety board for SCDNR.

Degree: B.S. College of Charleston, 1985

Office: 843-953-9056

Michelle Pate
Wildlife Biologist I

Michelle is the Database Manager and a field biologist for MARMAP. Primary data management and analysis responsibilities include handling data requests, data editing, and providing data for project reports and deliverables, in addition to work involving age growth of reef fish species. Michelle has been with the project since 2009.

Degrees: B.S. Biology (College of Charleston), Certificate - Applications Programming (Midlands Technical College), M.S. Environmental Studies (University of Charleston)
Marcel Reichert
Associate Marine Scientist

Fish Ecology and Age and Growth
Tracey Smart Tracey Smart
Associate Marine Scientist

Tracey assists with field research, data analysis, and data management.  Her research interests include reproductive biology, early life history ecology, and taxonomy.  She joined the program in 2011. 

Degrees:  B.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (University of Arizona), M.S. Biology and Ph.D. Biology (University of Oregon)

Office:  843-953-9226
Byron White D. Byron White
Marine Biologist III

Byron has 28 years of experience in fisheries biology research (22+ years with MARMAP). In addition to the Atlantic, he has worked in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific. He oversees logistics for MARMAP, and his research interests include age, growth and reproductive biology of reef fish as well as deep-sea fishes.

Degree: B.S. Zoology (North Carolina State University)

Office: 843-953-9064
David Wyanski David Wyanski
Wildlife Biologist IV

David oversees the reproductive biology aspect of MARMAP studies of reef fish life history, serves as a chief scientist on research cruises, and participates in regional stock assessments.   His other research interests include the taxonomy, movements, and feeding ecology of marine fishes.  He joined the program in 1989.

Degrees:  B.A. Zoology (University of Maine), M.A. Marine Science (Virginia Institute of Marine Science)

Office:  843-953-9065