Information on MRRI

The Marine Resources Research Institute (MRRI) provides the scientific expertise and facilities to support the Marine Division’s resource management and educational programs.  MRRI scientists work closely with the Office of Fisheries Management (OFM) to conduct research and monitoring programs to assess the condition of our coastal resources and provide data required to address policy and management issues related to those resources.  Major research areas include: 

  1. Monitoring and assessing the condition of all major fishery species, including estuarine and offshore finfish stocks, shellfish, shrimp and crab populations;
  2. Monitoring the condition of other important biological resources and their associated habitats,
  3. Environmental studies to assess the effects of human activities on our coastal resources; and
  4. Mariculture research designed to develop improved technologies for producing seafood and enhancing depleted fishery stocks. 
Marine Resources Research Institute Building

Much of the restoration and mariculture research is conducted at the James M. Waddell Mariculture Center (WMC) located in Bluffton, SC.  The MRRI also serves as a seaside research and educational facility for many academic institutions including the College of Charleston, the Medical University of South Carolina, Clemson University, South Carolina State University, and the University of South Carolina.  MRRI scientists participate in educational programs at these institutions as adjunct faculty, providing guidance and financial support for graduate and undergraduate students. 

Dr. Tanya Darden, Director
Marine Resources Research Institute
P.O. Box 12559
Charleston, South Carolina 29422-2559
Phone: 843-953-9819
Fax: 843-953-9820