Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Reimbursement

The intent of Operation & Maintenance reimbursement is to provide recipients of SC-CVA grants with funding to assist in the annual costs of upkeep and operation of boat-mounted pumpout systems. O&M is intended for routine replacement items and costs incurred annually and not for major repairs. To request replacement or repair of a pumpout system, please submit a proposal for a Renovation Contract using the Proposal Form.

Grants are dependent upon the current federal authorization of the Clean Vessel Act and South Carolina’s ability to secure these federal funds and available funding may be limited. Therefore no guarantees will be given for the amount of grant funds the applicant will receive during any period.

This is a reimbursement grant program. Funding is available for up to 75% of eligible costs with a maximum annual grant amount of $10,000 for upkeep and operation of boat-mounted pumpouts systems.

O&M contracts will reimburse acceptable costs that are incurred in a twelve month period beginning on the Start Date of the approved O&M Contract. No O&M costs incurred prior to the O&M Contract Start Date or after the 12 month Contract Period will be considered for reimbursement. An O&M Contract will be mailed to those who have submitted an acceptable O&M Letter of Intent.

After an approved O&M Contract is in place applicants must submit all cost documentation within the dates of the O&M Contract Period. Only applicants who have submitted an acceptable O&M Letter of Intent and subsequently have been issued an O&M Contract will receive funding. Every attempt will be made to reimburse for costs accrued on a quarterly basis, versus a onetime payment at the end of the contract period.

Facilities that charge for pumpout use will be required to account for the funds that are collected. The total amount of user fees collected must be subtracted from the costs claimed prior to determining the 75% level of funding.

Studies conducted indicate that boater compliance with regulations relating to No Discharge Zones, Coast Guard Regulations regarding the use of Marine Sanitation Devices and pumpout usage in general, is significantly greater when there is no cost involved. It is hoped that the additional operation and maintenance funds provided through this grant program will encourage applicants who currently charge a user fee for pumpout use to either reduce their fee or offer pumpout services for free.

Eligible O&M Expenses:

O&M is intended for routine replacement items and costs incurred annually and not for major repairs. For replacement or major upgrade of a facility, please submit a proposal for a Renovation Contract using the Proposal Form. Eligible expenses include:

  1. Costs for routine maintenance and upkeep to the system that are directly related to the pumpout unit itself, such as new hoses, less costly replacement parts, plumbing and/or electrical parts, etc. Proper documentation must be documented using the Maintenance Log.
  2. Costs for staff time. Proper documentation is required and the following information must be provided on business letterhead and certified (signed) by marina official.
    1. Name(s) of staff
    2. Number of weeks worked
    3. Number of hours worked per week
    4. Staff pay rate
    5. Number of pumpouts provided for the season
  3. Costs for fuel, oil and routine maintenance for a pumpout boat.
  4. A facility that charges a fee for pumpout use is required to track fees collected and must report them at the end of the year in order to receive O&M funding. The completed Pumpout Usage Log is to be used to track this income and is an acceptable proof of receipts.

Non-Eligible Expenses:

  1. No travel expenses will be reimbursed under this contract.
  2. O & M that is related to anything other than the pumpout facility or which cannot be clearly separated from other expenses.
  3. Any direct charges for electricity, water or other routine costs that are of the type supplied to other equipment and operations of the marina.
  4. Personnel costs not directly associated with the O&M of the pumpout system.

Important Information Regarding your Reimbursement:

  1. In order to be considered for an O&M Contract an O&M Letter of Intent must be submitted to SCDNR. After review and approval by SCDNR of the O&M Letter of Intent an O&M Contract will be issued.
  2. Once an approved O&M Contract is in place then reimbursable expenses may start being accrued. Documentation must be attached to support all of the costs claimed for reimbursement.
  3. SCDNR reserves the right to pro-rate any costs that involve a multiple use and to issue funding at less than the amount requested if requirements are not met and/or determination is made by SCDNR that program needs require reduced funding levels.
  4. Failure to provide sufficient documents may result in that cost either being determined ineligible for reimbursement or will delay your reimbursement package and result in loss of all funding.
  5. All reimbursement requests and required documentation must be supplied to SCDNR within the dates of the O&M Contract.
  6. No guarantees are given as to the amount of total funding available in a given year or how long into the reimbursement period funds will last. You are therefore encouraged to review all guidance, have all forms completed as necessary and provide all proofs of payment as indicated in the guidance provided.

O & M Acceptable Proof of Payment:

  1. Invoices or receipts must be provided for all materials and services applied for in the O & M Grant. Make sure to keep all receipts from stores, credit card slips, invoices from vendors, etc. in addition to the items below. If not clear from invoice or receipt, please include details of what the supply or labor was used for.
  2. Cancelled check. This must be in the form of a copy of the front and back of the check or a copy of the front of the check with numbers on the bottom right corner of the check that coincide with the amount of the check.
  3. Credit card statement. Copy of the statement must be provided. If purchase was made through a personal account, the relationship of the account holder to the marina must be included. If the person who holds the personal account was paid back by the marina via a check, you must include the cancelled check. If paid back via cash, a written receipt of payment signed by the account holder must be provided.
  4. Cash. If cash payment is made somewhere such as a hardware store, etc. a receipt that indicates payment in cash is sufficient. If cash payment is made to a business that issued an invoice, then someone authorized by the vendor must sign with their title and date and write on the invoice "Paid in Full in Cash."