Lower Saluda River Trout Study

What's New For 2016?

The tagging study is approaching completion with a final date of December 14th for getting your tag returns in order to be eligible for the life time license drawing. After that date, if you catch tagged trout, we would still like the tag information on those fish. We have a few hats left and will continue to award them for tag returns until we run out. Trout stocked this year will not be tagged.

The DNR would like to thank all who participated in making the trout study a successful project. We will now take all of the data generated from the study to analyze the status of our Lower Saluda Trout Fishery. When this is completed, a final summary of the study results will be presented on this web page.

DNR would like to thank all the volunteers who assisted in tagging the fish at the Walhalla Fish Hatchery. Special thanks go out to the members of Trout Unlimited for their support, volunteer assistance, and for providing hot lunches to all the folks that participated in the tagging.