Lower Saluda River Trout Study

Why is SCDNR studying the Lower Saluda River?

Sunset on Lower SaludaThe South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) stocks approximately 28,000 trout (15,000 rainbows and 13,000 browns) in the Lower Saluda River in December of each year. These trout represent a put and take fishery, in which the fish are stocked in the river with the intention they will be caught by fishermen within the year. However, in recent years, anglers have reported that large trout are becoming more abundant in the river system. There are many factors that could be contributing to the increase in length and weight of caught trout. First, the Lower Saluda River has experienced improvements in the dissolved oxygen levels due to aeration improvements in the Saluda Hydro. Also, through cooperative efforts of South Carolina Electric and Gas, SCDNR and other stakeholders, a new flow program has been established that has resulted in improved available habitat for the trout.