Homeowner Information
(What you Can and Can't Do in public waters)

The best way to prevent problems in public or private water bodies is with prevention. Don't put any nonnative plants, fish, pets or other organisms into any waterbody. Check boat trailers, boat hulls and propellers. Rinse and remove aquatic plants or invertebrate hitchhikers such as snails. Don't dump aquarium contents in lakes, channels or other water bodies. Replace invasive and other non-native plants in your yard with native species.

What you can do!

What you can't do!


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HGIC 1706 Water Gardening in Containers
HGIC 1707 Aquatic Garden Pond & Pool Construction
HGIC 1708 Algae Problems in Water Gardens
HGIC 1709 Aquatic Plant Selection
HGIC 1710 Fertilizing Recreational Fish Ponds
HGIC 1711 Liming Recreational Ponds
HGIC 1712 Stocking & Harvesting Recreational Fish Ponds
HGIC 1713 Use of Rotenone for Management of Fish Populations
HGIC 1714 Aquatic Weed Control Overview
HGIC 1715 Biological Control of Aquatic Weeds
HGIC 1720 Chemical Control of Aquatic Weeds

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