Channa argus

snakehead fish Northern snakehead is a species native to China, Korea and Russia. It is considered a food fish in its native waters. It was likely introduced into the United States through Asian fish markets. Some fish have been found in the aquarium trade. It has been located in Florida, Maryland, California, Virginia and possibly North Carolina. It has established a reproducing and expanding population in the Potomac River system where irginia and Maryland are trying to eradicate or at least control
it. Northern snakehead is a predatory species and is mainly piscivorous as an adult. They could impact native species where introduced. This species can reach a size of 33 inches and prefers slow to stagnant waters. It can survive oxygen-depleted waters since it is an obligate air breather. It is believed they could establish in South Carolina waters, since they have survived in states to the north and south of our
state. Even though the Northern snakehead has received the most attention there are several other species of snakehead in the family Channidae that were listed as injurious wildlife under revisions to the Lacey Act.

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