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Tropical Storm Bill

An F-1 Tornado touched down southwest of the city of Hampton. The Dollar General Store was heavily damaged when the tornado caused three of the walls to collapse. Several homes sustained damage when trees fell on top of them. A National Weather Service storm survey determined a tornado touched down twice over a one mile path in Williamsburg. The first touch down occurred one mile southeast of Salters, snapping trees and destroying a manufactured home, a shed, and another building. The F-1 tornado dropped debris over a quarter mile path. The tornado touched down again northeast of Salters, flipping several sheds. A NWS storm survey concluded a downburst rolled an unsecured manufactured home 75 feet over a car and into a ditch. Four people were in the home and were treated for only minor injuries. ($ 85.0K).

The Reedy River overflowed its banks and flooded portions of downtown Greenville. Brushy Creek flooded portions of the Del Norte subdivision in Greenville. An F-1 tornado touched down just south of Smoaks. Several trees were uprooted or snapped off. A mobile home suffered roof damage and the family's dog was killed. At least one car was crushed by a tree.

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