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Hurricane Ivan - Supplemental Report

Moderate to heavy rainfall associated with the remnants of Hurricane Ivan resulted in flooding along a few creeks during mid-evening across the northwest part of the Upstate. The flooding gradually became widespread and more severe during the overnight hours, especially in Oconee County, as the Tugaloo River flooded, trapping a number of families, some of which required rescue via helicopter. A number of bridges and roads were washed out or otherwise damaged by flood water ($ 116.0K).

The remnants of Hurricane Ivan continued to cause strong enough winds to blow down a number of trees and power lines across portions of the mountains and foothills. A few fell on structures and vehicles, and there were scattered power outages. The damage was more widespread across the western Upstate. ($ 15.0K ). F0 tornados fell in Aiken, Laurens, Anderson, and Oconee, F1 tornados also fell in Saluda and Oconee blew down numerous trees and power lines along its track, some of which fell on homes. A mobile home was destroyed when it was blown into an embankment of Oconee county ($ 75.0K). The total cost in damage was 1.333M.

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