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The ACE Basin NERR, designated in 1992, consists of about 140,000 acres and is one of 27 national reserves located along the US coastline. The National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS) is a network of federal, state, and local partnerships that emphasize resource stewardship, monitoring of estuarine conditions, management-oriented research, technical information transfer, and environmental education. Reserves such as the ACE Basin, play an important part in preserving our coasts and serve as local links to protect and restore coastal habitats and biodiversity, promote clean coastal waters, and foster sustainable coastal communities compatible with the natural environment.

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The ACE Basin NERR has developed programs that link education, research, and resource management. Management-related research enhances scientific understanding of reserve environments, provides information needed by reserve managers and coastal zone decision makers, and improves public awareness of estuaries and estuarine management issues. Education plays an important role in the ACE Basin Reserve and NERR system by providing student curricula, field trips, adult lectures, teacher workshops, volunteer programs, and a wide variety of printed media.

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