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B.A.S.S Junior Bassmasters Program

B.A.S.S Junior Bassmasters Program

B.A.S.S Junior Bassmasters Program website

Dues: $10

Ages: 18 years old and under

Number of Kids: Minimum of 6 kids on each club. Junior clubs must be sponsored by an adult Federation Nation Club or the SC BASS Federation Board. IN some instances, the paired club can provide assistance in boats, club meeting topics/speakers and conservation projects.

Tournaments: Up to each individual club whether qualifying club level tournaments are required.

B.A.S.S Junior Bassmaster Tournaments

Number of Tournaments Offered: 3

Junior Bassmaster State Championship (September/October): Anglers fish as two man teams and fish with a boat captain of their choosing. The winning anglers from each age category, ages 11-14 and 15-18, will advance to the Southern Federation Nation Divisional (March/April) to represent the state of South Carolina with a 14 adult member team. There are 6 divisionals. The winning 14 man team plus two youth from each of the six divisions will attend the B.A.S.S Federation Nation Championship/Junior Bassmaster World Championship (November). The winning youth will receive $5000 in academic college scholarships.