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NWS Daily Climate Data for South Carolina
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Rainfall Frequency Atlas
South Carolina - Precipitation Analysis
US Southeast - Precipitation Analysis
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Current US Drought Monitor
Standardized Precipitation Index
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South Carolina Palmer Drought Severity Index Map
South Carolina Crop Moisture Index Map
Current Fire Weather from SC Forestry Commission
U.S. Forest Service Wildland Fire Assessment System
National Keetch-Byram Soil Moisture Drought Index - USDA Forest Service
Departure From Average Greenness
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South Carolina Groundwater Data (SCDNR)
Water Resources of SC - USGS
Savannah River Lake Levels-US Army Corps of Engineers
USGS Duration Graphs for Selected Lakes and Streams
USGS Real-Time Daily Streamflow Conditions Map
Real-time Provisional Hydrologic Data
Groundwater Climate Response Network
Real-time Groundwater Data
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Current Soil Moisture Ranking Percentile
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