Photo Gallery

Photos taken by staff at the South Carolina Geologic Survey.


Gallery 1 "The Piedmont"

Gallery 2 "Geologic Drilling on Seabrook Island, SC"

Gallery 3 "Landslide at Jones Gap State Park"

Gallery 4 "Seismic Study"

Gallery 5 "Repo Expansion"

The Piedmont

The Northwestern half of the state above the fall line is generally referred to as the Piedmont region. Most of these pictures were taken by the State Geologist, Bill Clendenin.

Geologic Drilling on Seabrook Island, SC

In July of 2005, The Geological Survey started a special mapping project in the Rockville 7.5-minute quadrangle, in Charleston County. This photo gallery chronicles one day on location, in the lower coastal plain, with the drill crew. The photographs were taken by Erin Hudson.

Landslide at Jones Gap State Park

Seismic Study

The week of June 15th, 2009, the South Carolina Geological Survey, USC Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, and USC Earth Science Research Institute conducted a two-mile seismic reflectivity study along Highway 27 north of Pringletown, in Berkeley County. The seismic work was to verify drilling results that showed evidence of faulting in the shallow subsurface. The shallow faulting was initially interpreted from regional geophysical data as marking the northern edge of the buried Jedburg basin. When a 'thumper' is used, data collection becomes labor intensive and requires the continual movement of the thumper, geophones, and wires that send, receive, and transmit the seismic signals to the control 'dog house.' Data collection also requires accurate GPS locations of the geophone stations, and the closing of the roads to minimize the interference with the signals.

Core and Data Repository Expansion

The expansion was funded by a grant from the US Department of Energy, Carbon Sequestration Project. The Survey had outgrown the legislatively mandated core repository and need to expand to house core from the CO2 project.