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Marine Shrimp

The development of shrimp mariculture technologies is the subject of a series of research studies supported by the USDA US Marine Shrimp Farming Program (USMSFP). Farmed shrimp made up over 14% of South Carolina’s total shrimp production in 2003-2004. However, faced with declining shrimp prices and increasing competition for coastal resources, local traditional pond-based shrimp mariculture has been declining. Over the past several years the Waddell Mariculture Center has been a leader in the development of advanced biosecure super-intensive marine shrimp production technologies. Harvest results have demonstrated increased shrimp output and have improved confidence in the systems. Working together with other institutions in the USMSFP consortium, efforts over the past year have been focused on defining and addressing opportunities to further reduce costs to increase opportunities for commercialization. Engineering and management improvements have been applied with good success. Looking DNR Staffto the future, basic research is being conducted which will provide a foundation for cost effective application of the technologies away from the coastal zone. Similarly, with support from a commercial company, new fishmeal and fish oil free diets are being developed which utilize algal oils manufactured in South Carolina to produce safer and more healthy organic shrimp. Efforts are also underway to support development of supplies of healthy native shrimp seed for bait production. As these technologies are commercialized, South Carolina will benefit from increasing economic development, new business opportunities, and an improved fresh local seafood supply for citizens and guests.