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SCDNR asks South Carolinians to remove bird feeders until early spring

March 8, 2021

Photo: ©Lucas Bobay (Cornell Lab)

Photo: ©Lucas Bobay (Cornell Lab)

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is asking for South Carolina residents to take down their bird feeders until early spring after an increase in mortality reports for Pine Siskins, and other species.

While Pine Siskins are more susceptible than other species to getting sick from dirty bird feeders, there has been an increase in the number of reports SCDNR has received from across the state in the last several weeks.

Those who have bird feeders should take them down until early April, when Pine Siskins have begun to migrate north.

Temporarily removing bird feeders from your yard will not prevent wild birds from returning after the feeder is put back up.

While many South Carolinians enjoy feeding wild birds, those who have bird feeders must ensure their bird feeders stay clean. Without adequate care, bird feeders can harm, rather than benefit, the local bird population. Dirty feeders can harbor spoiled feed, seed hulls, and waste which can become a source of bacteria, mold, and transmissible diseases between birds.

Tips on proper bird feeder care.