Tagging Guidelines and Instructions for Deer

ALL DEER MUST BE TAGGED immediately after harvest before moving from the point of kill.

Resident archery hunters may use any of their date specific antlerless tags to take antlerless deer on any day during ARCHERY ONLY or PRIMITIVE WEAPONS ONLY SEASONS beginning September 15. This dual purpose tag is only valid on private land in Game Zones 1 & 2 and on certain WMAs statewide. The Archery Use exception allows these tags to be used only during Archery Only & Primitive Weapons Seasons. This use of these tags is NOT VALID on private lands in Game Zones 3 or 4 because those areas do not have Archery Only or Primitive Weapons seasons that occur on or after September 15. Certain WMAs statewide do have Archery Only &/or Primitive Weapons seasons on or after September 15 and these tags may be utilized on those areas. To be valid the archery notation box, actual harvest date & game zone must be marked on the tag. Once used for this purpose these tags are no longer available for use later in the season on the designated date.

Measurement Procedures & Standards for Antlered Deer

For the 2 Optional Antler Restriction Tags a deer must have a minimum of 4 points on one antler OR a minimum 12” inside antler spread.

  1. A point is defined as a projection that is at least one inch long. Points are measured starting at base where it arises from the top of the beam or another point. (Fig. 1)
  2. Inside antler spread is measured at a right angle (perpendicular) to the center line of the skull at its widest point between the main beams. (Fig. 2)

Illustration of Deer Antlered Restrictions