Nongame Device - Set hook


A single hook and line set in or along any of the waters of this State used to catch fish while attached to bushes, limbs, vines, undergrowth or other parts of vegetation, set poles, pegs, sticks, or similar structures. Set hooks include all similar hook and line devices by whatever name called.

Photograph of Minnow Trap

Where can the device be used:

Only allowed in designated areas.

License Requirements:

Additional tags and permits required:

A set hook permit is required. Nongame Fish Tag & Permit Application (Adobe - PDF)

Hours / Seasons:

Must be removed from the water and from the vegetation or structure to which they are attached not later than one hour after official sunrise each day and must not be placed in the water earlier than one hour before official sunset.

Marking required:

Must be marked with name and customer ID number (See DNR issued fishing license).


No game fish (except bream, excluding redbreast, cut into two or more equal parts), live bait or any bait other than bait listed below shall be used with trotlines, set hooks and jugs: soap, doughballs, nongame fish or bream, excluding redbreast, cut into two or more equal parts, shrimp, grapes or meat scraps (which may not include insects, worms and other invertebrates). When using game fish as bait to catch fish recreationally they must be included in the daily creel limit.

Except for bait lost while fishing, it is unlawful to intentionally release any aquatic species, including bait, regardless of the stage of its life cycle, into the waters of this State without a permit from the SCDNR.

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