St. Stephen Fish Lift

SC's Only Fish Lift Offers Underwater View

The following links each retrieve a recent ten minute video file. These video files are very large and it will take several minutes for the video to fully download and begin to play. Therefore, please be patient for the video to fully download once you have clicked a link. The link below will point to a new video file every ten minutes.

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Best of Video for St. Stephen's Fish Lift

The video is of American shad being passed through the St. Stephen fish lift.  Video was recorded on 27 March 2004 from 12:08:27 PM - 12:08:44 PM, under ideal water clarity, lighting, and fish presence, not necessarily normal conditions.

The video above is in the Microsoft Windows Media Player Format (WMV). The size of the avi file is 2M. To view the video press the play button. Right click in video window for full screen, Esc to escape. Download this video>>>