Submitting a Proposal to the BIG Program

Proposals for 2016 funds are due to DNR no later than 5:00 PM on 07/01/15

Types of Funding Available

There are two types of grants, Tier I and Tier II:

Tier I Projects

In any given funding cycle, the State of South Carolina may receive a total of $100,000 for Tier I projects. All Tier I projects must meet the eligibility requirements of 50 CFR 86.20. Each Tier I project cannot exceed $100,000; however, the State of South Carolina may select one (1) or as many Tier I projects as are eligible so long as the aggregate of these projects does not total more than that year’s funding cycle allotment. Tier One projects compete against other South Carolina projects for funding.

Tier II Projects

In any given funding cycle, and on a nationally competitive basis, the National Boating Infrastructure Grant Program expects to make available between $3 million and $4 million for Tier II projects. There are no dollar limits for Tier II projects. All Tier II projects must meet the eligibility requirements of 50 CFR 86.20. Each project will compete nationally against every other project in Tier II. Tier Two projects compete against other South Carolina projects and if selected by the committee, they compete on a National Level.

Who can apply?

Both publicly owned (state, county, cities, towns, or villages) and privately owned (any facility not associated with government) marina facilities that are open to the public and located in South Carolina are eligible to apply for funding.

Grantees must meet all Federal Regulations as detailed in USFWS 50 CFR Part 86 (see Resources & Links).

Grantees are required to be registered in the SC Procurement System (see Resources & Links).

Calendar Year 2015 Timeline

  1. January – February 2015: Announcement letter sent to marinas statewide and SCMA.
  2. February –March 2015: Workshops to educate potential applicants.
  3. February – June 2015: DNR assist applicants in developing proposals.
  4. June 2015: Expected USFWS BIG Request For Proposals (RFP).
  5. July 1, 2015: Applications due to DNR. Applications received after 7/1/15 will not be considered for funding.
  6. July 2015: DNR review of applications.
  7. August 1st: SC Tier I & Tier 2 selections are announced.
  8. September 2015: DNR recommendations due to USFWS.
  9. March 2016: USFWS notifies DNR and DNR announces awards. Award does not necessarily guarantee funding, which is contingent upon:
    1. Receiving all required permits (see #10).
    2. Receiving all required compliance documents (see #11).
    3. Successful disbursement of funds from USFWS.
  10. Grantee provides documentation to DNR that the required permits (SC-DHEC/OCRM; USACE) have been acquired for the awarded project.

Ranking Criteria

Ranking Criteria Points

A. Need, Access, and Cost Efficiency 20 total

(1) More or Improved Facilities 0-10

(2) Benefits justify costs 0-7

(3) Significant destinations 0-3

B. Match and Partnerships 10 total

(1) More than minimum match 0-7

(2) In-kind match 0-3

C. Innovation 6 total

(1) Improve User Access 0-3

(2) Innovative Components 0-2

(3) Environmental Stewardship 0-1


See Federal Final BIG Rule (50 CFR Part 86) for additional details.