Marine - Shellfish


SCDNR may grant permits to any state resident for the exclusive use of state bottoms or waters for commercial shellfish mariculture. Mariculture is defined as the controlled cultivation of shellfish in confinement from seed size (<=1 inch) until harvest.

Mariculture permitting is complex and requires coordination of three permitting agencies. The SCDNR Shellfish Management office will assist applicants with this permitting process. Please contact the Shellfish Management office at (843) 953-0126 to schedule a consultation.

Although you will require permits from all three agencies, it is essential to begin your application process with SCDNR because only SCDNR can give you permission to use a specific area. Without the SCDNR permit, the other two permits are meaningless.

Mariculture mapping application
Click on the icon to open an interactive mariculture siting tool.

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