Marine - Recreational Shellfish Maps

The 2018 – 2019 season for recreational harvest of shellfish will open October 1, 2018.

Shellfish Grounds may be closed to harvest after storm events or marine spill. Please check with SCDHEC for the latest information on closure status. You can also call the SCDHEC shellfish hotline at 1-800-285-1618 or visit their news releases webpage.

**Shellfish areas in the Jenkins Creek and Warsaw Flats area are closed by SCDHEC for shellfish harvesting due to poor water quality conditions from sewage line breach adjacent to Eddings Point Road. Areas will reopen when water quality conditions improve. For further information on water quality conditions please check SCDHEC’s oyster closure web app or contact SCDHEC through their shellfish hotline at 1-800-285-1618.**

Index Map of the South Carolina Shellfish Management Areas

Recreational Shellfish Harvest Map Application

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Provided by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Office of Fisheries Management, Shellfish Management Program.

Shellfish Regions of South Carolina Coast Little River - Winyah Bay Winyah Bay - Bulls Bay Bulls Bay - Charleston Charleston - South Edisto South Edisto - Savanah River

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