Coyote Biology and Control - Upcoming Programs and Workshops

Coyote - Photograph courtesy of G. Dan Hutcheson,

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources in conjunction with Clemson University Extension and the South Carolina Trappers Association will conduct a series of coyote control workshops. Topics will include the basic biology of coyotes, trapping and other control techniques and demonstrations.

Workshops are $10.00 unless otherwise noted, and preregistration is usually required. Dates and times subject are to change.

For questions please contact:

Jay Butfiloski,
Furbearer & Alligator Program Coordinator Certified
Wildlife Biologist®, TWS
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 167
Columbia, SC 29202

Date Location Discussion Topic Registration Cost
September 13-14, 2018
1:00 pm Thu –
5:00 pm Fri

Webb Wildlife Center,
1282 Webb Avenue Garnett, SC 29922
  • Coyote biology and management
  • General trapping equipment
  • Trap selection and modification
  • Trap preparation
  • Trap site selection
  • Various trap sets
  • Bait/lure selection and use
  • Trapping safety
  • Running a trap line
  • Record keeping

Workshop is Full.

Any additional applicants will be put on the waiting list for the Spring workshop.


The Coyote Facts

More information on coyotes

For more information on the coyotes, please download the following Adobe PDF files: