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Mute Swan

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Mute Swans

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Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)

Mute swan are large white waterfowl with a long neck and orange bill and black face.

Average Size
Mute swans have an average length of 55 inches and an average weight of 23 pounds.

Mute swans are not native to the United States. They were introduced to ponds and parks where many individuals escaped and established breeding populations. Mute swans are occasionally found in South Carolina.

Preferred Habitat
Mute swans prefer temperate latitudes with shallow shorelines with plenty of submergent and emergent vegetation.


Food Habits

Mute swans mainly consume submerged aquatic vegetation.


Pairs form in the beginning of the year from January through April. Once paired, swans remain together throughout the year. The male selects nest sites until the female accepts the site. Both the male and female swan build the nest out of reeds, cattails, and cordgrass. Then the female lays 1-11 blue-green eggs that turn white in time.


The mute swan is not in fact mute. They make a variety of grunts, bugles, snorts, whistles and hisses, although they are not as loud as other swan species.


  • Moves well on land and can walk and run with ease.
  • Highly territorial during the breeding season.
  • Highly social often found in large flocks.

Citations, Publications and Literature

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