Sport Fish Restoration

Walhalla Fish Hatchery

Walhalla State Fish Hatchery Sign The Walhalla Fish Hatchery, located in northern Oconee County, SC, raises brook, brown and rainbow trout for stocking the state’s public waters in support of recreational fishing. Most of the trout are cultured to a catchable size of 9-12 inches before they are released. Fingerling trout are also produced to enhance the trout fishery. Hatchery trout are needed to maintain a sustainable trout population because of different factors in South Carolina trout streams.

Generally, the streams of the Southern Appalachian Mountains are pristine and of good water quality. However, they are frequently not as productive as streams in other areas of the country. The northwestern corner of South Carolina is situated along the southeastern geographical margin of trout habitat. South Carolina maintains Walhalla Racewayssome high quality wild trout streams, but its geographical limitation restricts the natural trout resource such that it does not meet the high demand for trout fishing in the state. Trout managers have successfully extended trout fishing opportunities by stocking trout in selected streams. This hatchery supported trout fishery is generally created to support the desired fishery in waters where the natural trout population is limited. For more information about the Walhalla Fish Hatchery, trout fish culture and visitor’s information, visit