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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 1994

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 March 27, 1994 Oconee (F3) This tornado had a 1 mile wide width when it crossed the Georgia/South Carolina state line near Tallulah Falls. Property damage was about $3 million and crop damage to apple orchards and timber was another $2.5 million. Nearly 60 homes in Oconee County were severely damaged or destroyed. 12 people were reported injured. 20 880-1760
2 March 27, 1994 Spartanburg (F1) This tornado traveled across extreme northern Spartanburg County to the Arrowood Community, northwest of Chesnee. Damage resulted to outbuildings, roofs of homes, trees, and power lines. 18 10
3 March 27, 1994 Spartanburg
and Cherokee
(F2) This was the third tornado generated from a severe storm moving across northern Spartanburg. Two mobile homes were destroyed, a home was severely damaged and three power transmission towers were torn down. Many trees and power lines were downed. 25 75
4 March 27, 1994 Spartanburg
and Cherokee
(F1) A second supercell finally yielded its first tornado in Lyman where damage was primarily to trees and power lines. Two separate commercial areas were hit with roofs being torn off some buildings and substantial damage to a power substation. Four people were injured in cars hit by falling trees. 33 100
5 March 27, 1994 York (F1) This tornado destroyed one mobile home and damaged several others. One outbuilding completely disappeared, many trees were downed, and one person was injured. 1 30
6 March 28, 1994 Greenville (F0) A brief tornado removed the roof of a garage, tossed a boat around, downed a large oak tree, and cause other minor damages. <1 30
7 April 16, 1994 Chester (F2) This short lived, but intense tornado completely disintegrated three mobile homes, crushed three barns, destroyed a new pick-up truck, damaged four other mobile homes, seriously injured four people, and killed one person. More than 2000 residents lost electrical power. 3 75
8 June 6, 1994 Calhoun (F0) A small tornado was observed on I-26 near St. Matthews. Damage was minimal. <1 10
9 June 7, 1994 Dorchester (F0) This small tornado damaged a mobile home and metal sheds seven miles SW of Moncks Corner. <1 20
10 June 26, 1994 Oconee (F2) This tornado blew the roofs off of several well built homes and downed numerous large trees. About 25 homes were damaged. A 15 year old girl was injured when the roof of her mobile home caved in. 12 900
11 June 27, 1994 Pickens (F2)A thunderstorm became severe after moving out of the Georgia mountains and generated two tornadoes in the mountainous areas of the upstate. The first tornado started near Pickett Post - where the tornado of March 27, 1994 ended. This storm reached F2 intensity blowing off roofs of several well built homes and downing numerous large trees. In all, about 25 homes were damaged and property loss is estimatred at about $250,000. The tornado moved from Pickett Post over or near Salem, Tamassee, Boone's Creek and dissipated around the dam at Lake Jocassee in the northeast corner of Oconee County. A 15-year-old girl was slightly injured when the roof of her mobile home was caved in by the storm. 8 200
12 June 27, 1994 Pickens (F1) A second tornado, F1 began near Antiock just inside the Pickens County line and south of the first tornado track. This storm caused about $50,000 in damage to homes, outbuildings, and sheds, and downed quite a bit of timber. The tornado moved near the Nine Times Community and ended north northwest of Pickens along Highway 11. 8 200
13 June 30, 1994 Beaufort (F0) A waterspout moved over a small portion of Lady's Island briefly touching the ground. <1 10
14 August 1, 1994 Colleton (F0) A tornado blew down trees, damaged the roof of a farm building, several cars, and some farm equipment. <1 25
15 August 16, 1994 Bamberg (F1)Tornado touched down near intersection of Highways 64 and 301, moved north northwest to slightly north of Govan. The tornado was up and down many times topping trees. One mobile home was overturned and heavily damaged. 5 75
16 August 16, 1994 Orangeburg (F1) This tornado downed trees and power lines at Neese. <1 50
17 August 16, 1994 Lexington (F2)Tornado observed as it touched down and damaged trees and home in southeast Edmund. It lifted and moved across Edmund Fire Station, then touched down and damaged pine forest immediately north of Edmund. <1 50
18 August 16, 1994 Lexington (F0) A tornado touched down and damaged trees and a home in SE Edmund. 4 injured. 1 30
19 August 16, 1994 Lexington (F2) Tornado demolished the north portion of a mini-warehouse complex near the SC602 and SC6 intersection. It moved northward and overturned three cars in Redbank, blew down trees and power lines. 2 25
20 August 16, 1994 Lexington (F3) Tornado touched down near intersection of SC311 and SC244 3 miles south-southeast of Lexington. Major damage occurred to the Glassmaster factory at the intersection of SC6 and Interstate 20. The tornado from that point was mostly on the ground as it moved through east and north central Lexington. Outside of Lexington, the tornado passed near the Rikard Nursing home. The storm became more intense with another area of severe damage in the Secret Cove area along the south Lake Murray shore. The tornado apparently dissipated over Lake Murray although strong winds were noted in the Old Forbes Road area on the northern shore of Lake Murray. Approximately 200 homes were damaged, many businesses, several churches and public buildings were also damaged. Five electric substations were damaged in Lexington County with 15,000 customers without electrical power. Forty people were injured. The tornado was observed by many people from the time it first struck near SC602 until it dissipated over Lake Murray. 8 440
21 August 16, 1994 Richland (F0) Tornado was up and down several times taking down trees and power lines. A funnel cloud was sighted but, no touchdowns reported. 2 50
22 August 16, 1994 Lexington (F0) Tornado funnel cloud observed by FAA Control Tower and National Weather Service personnel at the Columbia Airport. The tornado touched down briefly in a wooded area 3 miles southwest of the Airport destroying a small area of timber and then moved to 3 miles northwest of the airport as a funnel cloud. <1 100
23 August 16, 1994 Richland (F1) A tornado caused damage mainly to trees and power lines near Balentine. 1 75
24 August 16, 1994 Newberry (F1) A tornado took down trees and power lines and damaged some roofs of homes near Peak. 1 50
25 August 16, 1994 Lexington (F3) A tornado completely demolished a square stick frame home. <1 75
26 August 16, 1994 Fairfield (F0) A tornado touched down in a rural area, taking out trees. 1 50
27 August 16, 1994 Kershaw (F0) A small tornado blew down trees and power lines near Liberty Hill. <1 50
28 August 16, 1994 Greenwood (F0) A brief tornado touched down near Ware Shoals. Several trees and power lines were downed and a roof was blown off of a shed. <1 30
29 August 16, 1994 Union and Spartanburg (F3) Tornado began near Santuc as a large multi-vortex F3 tornado. Spotters engaged the storm almost immediately and followed it as it curved north to northwest through the County. The storm had intermittent ground contact of about 30 to 40 percent but there was not a great deal of separation between areas of damage. The path width gradually diminished to about 50 yards from 0.75 mile initially, and the storm intensity gradually weakened to F2 and then to F1 at Pauline. The tornado crossed into Spartanburg County near Pacolet Mills at 1545EST. A well constructed home near Santuc was destroyed, a stationary vehicle was thrown aout 150 yds, and other homes and structures received severe damage along its path. 30 250
30 August 16, 1994 Union, Spartanburg, and Cherokee (F1) This tornado was nearly parallel to the Santuc tornado described above. It moved along a track 2 to 3 miles east of the first storm and just a few minutes later. This tornado was not as large nor intense as the first tornado and was on the ground about 20 to 30 percent of the time. The most damage occurred around Carlisle where the roof of a restaurant was removed and homes and mobile homes were damaged - and at the end of its track at Cowpens where nearly $80,000 damage was done to homes and mobile homes. At Cowpens, one resident watched the tornado become stationary for a minute or so in an open field just before it dissipated. The tornado crossed into Cherokee County at 1600EST and into Spartanburg County at 1620EST. Spotters were able to follow both the above tornadoes for most of their paths through Union County. . 30 150
31 August 16, 1994 Cherokee (F1) This tornado touched down briefly and caused severe damage to a large well-constructed home. Otherwise, damage was limited to trees, powerlines, and outbuildings. The tornado moved northwest along a 3-mile track before dissipating. 3 75
32 August 16, 1994 Cherokee (F2) This tornado caused substantial damage to homes and a couple of churches. It crossed Interstate 85 and then moved into North Carolina. The vortex was clearly visible to many people in the area as it moved along the base of a small mountain at Blacksburg. 4 100
33 August 16, 1994 Union and Cherokee (F2) The tornado struck near Lockhart where a woman was injured when a mobile home was destroyed. The mobile home was picked up with a woman and son inside and tossed about 100 yards. Two brick homes were virtually destroyed in the same area. The tornado crossed into Cherokee County at 1810EST and moved to Gowdeysville where a church was destroyed and some homes severely damaged. Damage from the above tornadoes exceeded $800,000 in Cherokee County, about $600,000 in Union County, near $90,000 in Spartanburg County, and less than $10,000 in Greenwood County. 10 150
34 August 16, 1994 Fairfield (F2) Tornado blew down large trees and ripped a roof and rafters off a home at intersection of SC101 and Rocky Point Road. <1 50
35 August 16, 1994 Fairfield (F0) Tornado touched down at SC54 and SC269 and took out trees. <1 100
36 August 16, 1994 York (F0) A small tornado struck near highway SC321 and damaged an area of trees. <1 50
37 August 16, 1994 Chester (F1) Tornado touched down near Woods Ferry Road between highways 9 and 72 blowing down trees. <1 75
38 September 18, 1994 Orangeburg (F1) A tornado touched down in a field, then took half the roof off a country store in Cope, spreading debris downstream. Many power lines were downed. <1 30
39 September 24, 1994 Florence (F1) A tornado, described as a big white twisting cloud, picked up two mobile homes, twisted them in the air and tore them apart; six other mobile homes were damaged. Three girls who saw the approaching tornado vacated one of the mobile homes before it was picked up and destroyed; a woman was thrown out of another mobile home and seriously injured. Three homes, six cars, and two businesses were damaged, also power lines and trees were downed, and eleven people (eight treated at local hospital and released) received minor injuries. The roof was blown off a lumber company's show room. 1 100
40 October 22, 1994 Spartanburg (F0) A small tornado spun up as a thunderstorm moved across ridges in hilly terrain in southern Spartanburg County. The small tornado was viewed by several people and was accompanied by marble-size hail. The roofs of a home and barn were damaged and an outbuilding was destroyed. 2 75
41 December 4, 1994 Abbeville (F1)A small tornado struck suddenly from a relatively weak thunderstorm. The tornado severely damaged six homes will lesser damage to seven other homes, destroyed some outbuildings and carports, and downed numerous trees and power lines. One person sustained minor injuries. Because it hit a populated section, damage was quite high for a small tornado (estimated at $500,000). 3 75

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