Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Charleston Conservation District

2070 Northbrook Blvd., Unit A-8B
Charleston, SC 29406-9253
Phone: (843) 727-4160 ext. 3


The Charleston Conservation District meets every second Tuesday of the month, starting at 3:30 pm, at the District Office at Unit A-8B on 2070 Northbrook Blvd, in Charleston. For more information, please call (843) 727-4160.

Commissioners and Staff
Name Position Expiration of Term
William S. Simpson, III Chairman 04/29/23 (A)
John H. Smoak Vice Chairman 01/31/21 (E)
Milton F. Floyd Treasurer 02/28/21 (A)
Ford H. Walpole Commissioner 01/31/23 (E)
William H. Hanvey Commissioner 01/31/23 (E)
Debbie Eckard District Employee  

(A) stands for Appointed.
(E) stand for Elected.

Charleston Soil and Water Conservation District 2021 Annual Report