Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Union Conservation District

P.O. Box 1136
200 South Mountain Street
Union, SC 29379
Phone: (864) 429-2801


The Union Conservation District meets every second Monday of the month, starting at 12:00 am, at the District Office in Union. For more information, please call (864) 429-2801.

Commissioners and Staff
Name Position Expiration of Term
Jimmy Smith Chairman 01/31/23 (E)
Henry Sprouse Vice Chairman 02/28/22 (A)
Vacant Commissioner 01/31/23 (E)
Norris Fowler, Jr. Commissioner 02/28/23 (A)
Jacob Robinson Commissioner 01/31/25 (E)
Gennelle Alexander District Employee  

(A) stands for Appointed.
(E) stand for Elected.

Union Soil and Water Conservation District 2022 Annual Report