Love ones wishing to set up a memorial fund with the SCDNR Take One Make One program in a love one's memory may contact Ken Cope at

Memorial funds to TOMO are set up at the request of a family member and allows friends families and others to donate to the SCDNR Take One Make One program. TOMO then works with the family to decide how to best honor the life of their loved one with a memorial hunt. Love ones wishing to make memorials may use charge cards at the link Click the donation button. There will be an area in which you may direct your donation, such as "In memory of John Doe." Please be sure to put for the SCDNR Take One Make One program.

Checks or bequests should be made to Hampton Wildlife Fund. Please make sure the name of who the memorial is in honor of and SCDNR Take One Make One program is at the bottom of the check. You may mail your contributions to:

Harry Hampton Fund
P.O. Box 2641
Columbia SC 29202


Ken Cope
1000 Assembly St.
Columbia, SC 29202