Nongame Device - Eel Pots


Pots no larger than 24 inches by 48 inches and constructed of wire with a mesh size no smaller than 1/2 by 1/2 inch, except for the throat or muzzle and the end opposite the throat or muzzle. The throat opening shall not exceed 2 inches measured in any direction. (Permit required, call 843-953-9311)


A tag is required for each eel pot. A permit is required for the harvest of eels in both freshwater and saltwater. Eel pots may be suspended in water at a depth which does not create a hazard to watercraft. No eel pot shall be placed within 100 feet of the mouth of any tributary stream. No crab pot or trap of like design may be used in the freshwaters of this state.


No closed season.

License Requirements:

A fishing license is required of all persons who fish nongame fishing devices. Some devices are not permitted on certain waters.

Additional tags and permits required:

An Eel Pot Tag (PDF) is required (Recreational limit 2 pots per licensee. Reporting Requirements apply.).

Photograph of Eel Pot