Nongame Device - Hoop Nets


Nets made of textile netting (no wire) of a mesh size between 1 and 2 inches square enclosing a series of round hoops with two or more muzzle openings made of a netting material. The maximum size net allowed is 16 feet by 5-1/2 feet. Hoop nets must be marked with a white floating marker.


A hoop net may be used or possessed in the freshwaters where its use is authorized. A hoop net must rest on the bottom of the body of water in which it is used and must not be suspended above the bottom. A hoop net must not be used within one hundred (100) feet of the mouth of any tributary stream. Use or possession of a hoop net at any place or time other than those prescribed is unlawful.

A hoop net tag is required. Nongame Fish Tag & Permit Application (PDF)


No closed season.

License Requirements:

A fishing license is required of all persons who fish nongame fishing devices. Some devices are not permitted on certain waters.

Additional tags and permits required:

Photograph of Hoop Net