Nongame Device - Jugs


A single hook and line attached to a free-floating device with a minimum capacity of one pint and a maximum of one gallon. May not have more than one line.


A permit is required to fish up to 50 jugs (50 jug limit). A licensee's name and customer ID number must be clearly marked on each jug. Jug fishing is legal only in lakes Greenwood, Hartwell, Secession, Russell, and Thurmond and Stevens Creek Reservoir. A jug permit is not required for residents assisting jug permit holders. Jugs must be marked with name and customer ID number.

No game fish (except bream, excluding redbreast, cut into two or more equal parts), live bait or any bait other than bait listed below shall be used with trotlines, set hooks and jugs: soap, doughballs, (nongame fish or bream, excluding redbreast, cut into two or more equal parts), shrimp, grapes or meat scraps (which may not include insects, worms and other invertebrates).


Must be removed from the water before one hour after official sunrise each day and not replaced prior to one hour before official sunset.

License Requirements:

A fishing license is required of all persons who fish nongame fishing devices. Some devices are not permitted on certain waters.

Additional tags and permits required:

A Jug Permit (PDF) is required (1 permit per licensee; allows up to 50 jugs subjective to body of water).

Photograph of Jug