Fish Pond Management Information

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Managing Ponds for Recreational Fishing

Create hours of fun by properly managing your pond!

Pond Management Guide (file size - 2MB)

Need to Buy Fish?

In-State & Out-of-State Commercial Aquaculturists

Sale of fish for stocking ponds.

Need Assistance Managing your Pond?

Lake Management Consultants

Provide pond maintenance or information on the management of Ponds (Weed Control, water quality, spraying, fertilizing, liming, etc.)

Additional Pond Management Tools

Pond Construction and Management

Construction of the pond, manipulation of water quality, and fish population management.

Pond Fertilization and Liming

Maintaining a healthy pond by helping the food chain.

Tips to Restore your Fish Population
Farm fish pond management to restore fish population balance in farm ponds.

Find a Pay to Fish Pond near you

Commercial Pay Ponds

Ponds where an individual pays a fee to fish.

Impoundment Siting, Construction and Management

SCDNR Guidelines for Private Recreational Ponds

Interagency Guidelines for Greentree Reservoirs

SCDNR Guidelines for Private Shallow Water Impoundments for Waterfowl