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SERTC Educational Poster Series
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- a poster containing illustrations and information about Sargassum, "Golden Rainforests of the Sea" (24"x 36")
Oyster Reef Invertebrates
- a pictorial collage of common invertebrates found on South Carolina's oyster reefs (24"x 36"))
Sargassum poster Oyster Reef poster
Islands Under the Sea
- a poster illustrating the major hardbottom areas on the continental shelf of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and north Florida, with images of some common invertebrates (24"x 36")
Echinoderms of the coastal Carolinas, Georgia and northern Florida
- a poster that describes the differences among echinoderm groups and and illustrates some common species from the NC, SC, GA and FL coasts (24"x 36")
Islands under the Sea poster Echinoderms of the Coastal Carolinas, Georgia, and northern Florida poster
Jellies of South Carolina, Georgia and northeast Florida
-a poster containing illustrations and information about regional jellyfish (24"x 36")
Cnidarians of the South Atlantic Bight
-a poster containing many vibrant images and information about the classification and biology of regional cnidarians (24"x 36")
Jellies of South Carolina, Georgia and northeast Florida poster Cnidarians poster
(please contact SERTC staff to obtain copies of these posters)


South Carolina Beachcomber's Guide

South Carolina Beachcomber's Guide
- a reference guide that contains detailed descriptions and full color photographs of the most common invertebrates, plants and other natural artifacts likely to be encountered on a visit to the South Carolina coast, as well as general discussions of beach habitats.

(Classroom sets of Beachcomber Guides are available to Educators on a limited basis. Please contact SERTC for more information)


The Asian Green Mussel - Unwelcome Addition to Fouling Communities of South Carolina brochure

The Asian Green Mussel - Unwelcome Addition to Fouling Communities of South Carolina
- an informational brochure about the introduced Asian green mussel, Perna viridis, problems associated with the species, habitat, similar native species, and how to recognize the mussel.

(please contact SERTC to obtain brochures)

Lesson Plans

The lesson plans below have been produced by other entities but coordinate well with SERTC publications. Please contact SERTC with suggestions for other lesson plans or for help finding materials to use in your classroom.

  • The Sea With No Shores - (PDF) a lesson plan focusing on the Sargassum ecosystem in the Sargasso Sea. This lesson plan was develped by educators working with the NOAA Ocean Exploration program during the 2002 Islands in the Stream:Exploring underwater Oases Expedition. (Grades 5-6)

  • Seashell Mapping (PDF) - A lesson plan from the NJ Sea Grant Consortium that focuses on classifying, identifying, organizing, observing, and interpreting while working with shells. (Grades 4-8)

  • What Lives in A Shell - A lesson plan from the Manatee County (FL) School District that focuses on learning the characteristics of different types of marine invertebrates. (Grades 2 and up)-->

Educational articles

SCDNR's Sea Science Series

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