Project participants - Collaborations

CollaborationsSince 2000, biological samples from sea turtles and by-catch organisms have been collected for more than 30 collaborators located primarily in the Southeast U.S. Collaboration with in-water research surveys is critical because it maximizes the amount of information obtained on the sea turtles captured, as well as provides samples from components of the population (i.e., juveniles and adult males) that are difficult and expensive to sample. As such, collaboration is mutually-beneficial to researchers as well as the management agencies that fund and permit this research. In some instances samples from a single season were sufficient; however, many of the collaborations listed below represent continued multi-year associations that will enable temporal monitoring of key demographic and health parameters over time.

Purpose Analysis Affiliation Collaborator
Demographics DNA (mitochrondrial) University of South Carolina Dr. Joe Quattro, Ph.D.
Demographics DNA (nuclear) University of Georgia Dr. Brian Shamblin, Ph.D.
Demographics Testosterone College of Charleston Dr. David Owens, Ph.D.
Demographics Estradiol GA Southern University Dr. David Rostal, Ph.D.
Demographics Vitellogenin SE Lousiana University Dr. Roldan Valverde
Health and nutrition Blood chemistry, cell counts Antech Diagnostics Lab Ms. Sandy Jones
(regional rep)
Health and nutrition Blood chemistry, cell counts Wildlife Conservation Society Dr. Sharon Deem, D.V.M.
Health and nutrition Blood chemistry, cell counts Georgia Sea Turtle Center Dr. Terry Norton, D.V.M.
Health and nutrition Vitamin A, E Mystic Aquarium Dr. Lisa Mazzaro, Ph.D.
Health and nutrition Vitamin D Boston University Dr. Tai Chen, Ph.D.
Health and nutrition Proteins, lipids University of Miami Dr. Carolyn Cray, Ph.D.
Health and nutrition Minerals University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Diagnostic Center
Health and nutrition Iron South Carolina Aquarium Dr. Shane Boylan, D.V.M.
Health and nutrition Hematology NC State University Dr. Craig Harms, D.V.M.
Health and nutrition Thyroid (T3, T4) TVDML Dr. Duncan McKenzie, D.V.M.
Health and nutrition Endocrinology College of Charleston Dr. Karen Burnett
Health and nutrition Biliverdin University of Georgia Dr. Heather Wilson, D.V.M.
Health and nutrition Stable isotopes (turtle) University of Florida Ms. Mariela Pajuelo
  isotope validation Stable isotopes (barnacles) University of Florida Ms. Mariela Pajuelo
  isotope validation Stable isotopes (water) University of Florida Ms. Mariela Pajuelo
  isotope validation Stable isotopes (prey items) University of Central Florida Ms. Simona Ceriani
Contamination, infection Toxicology, immunology NIST Dr. Jennifer Keller, Ph.D.
Contamination, infection Mercury NOAA Mr. Rusty Day
Contamination, infection Heavy metals Loma Linda University Ms. Ashley Register
Contamination, infection Immunology MUSC Dr. Margie Peden-Adams
Contamination, infection Pathology (fecal samples) University of Florida Dr. Ellis Greiner, D.V.M.
Contamination, infection Pathology (cloacal swabs) NOAA Dr. Jan Gooch, Ph.D.
Contamination, infection Pathology (cloacal swabs) SCDNR Dr. Al Segars, D.V.M.
Contamination, infection Histology, genetics (lesions) University of Florida Dr. Brian Stacy, D.V.M.
Barnacles Taxonomy, genetics The Citadel
(was U of Hawaii)
Dr. John Zardus, Ph.D.
Epibionts, by-catch Taxonomy SCDNR Ms. Dany Burgess