Project participants

Sea turtle - photography by Mary Ellen Williams Scientific and vessel operations crew posting with CC2509, aka "Cougar", prior to release from the RV Georgia Bulldog off Cape Canaveral, FL in April 2007. Within a few weeks after release, "Cougar" emigrated to near the entrance to Chesapeake Bay, VA. At 380-lbs, this adult male loggerhead remains the heaviest of more than 2,000 loggerhead sea turtles captured by the in-water research program to date.

Although managed by the SCDNR MRD, this in-water research program is a partnership with the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service and numerous collaborators throughout the United States, predominantly in the Southeast U.S.

Brief biographical information about the key program personnel from:

An overview of the samples collected for collaborators and their geographic distribution is also available.

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