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Please fill out the form below as soon as possible after catching a tagged fish. If you have captured/caught more than one tagged fish, please fill this form out for each one.

Photographs submitted may be used for SCDNR research, education, and outreach purposes. If there is a conflict with this, please note that in your email. Submit a picture of your fish

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Depending on the program from which the tag originated, a t-shirt may be one possible reward. Note, t-shirt may run small depending on program, so please choose accordingly.

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We respect your privacy, but we may wish to contact you for further information about your catch. Personal information and phone numbers are encouraged, but not required. We will not share contact information with any third parties.

If you choose to receive a reward for this recaptured tagged fish submission, we will need this information to know where to send your reward.

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Please be as specific as you can with the location. We are not are not trying to find your secret fishing hole, but the more details you provide will allow us to more accurately analyze the data you submit.