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SC Game Check FAQs

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  1. I'm having trouble setting up a customer profile in the mobile app, it says my profile is not found, can you help me?

  2. Is there a fee associated with reporting my harvest?

  3. Does the SC Game Check App capture and record my location?

  4. What if I downloaded the SC Game Check mobile app and set up my profile before I purchased or requested my turkey tags?

  5. Do I have to use the same reporting method for all of my harvest reports?

  6. What if I don't have cellular service when attempting to submit a harvest report on the SC Game Check app?

  7. Can I have more than one customer profile on my SC Game Check App?

  8. Who is required to report their harvest?

  9. If I'm required to check or report harvested wild turkeys at a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) or National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) check station or kiosk, do I also still need to report the harvest with SC Game Check?

  10. Will a quota be implemented on turkey season similar to bear season based off this data collected?

  11. Are there plans to add deer to SC Game Check?

  12. Now that we have electronic harvest reporting, why do we still have to tag turkeys? Can't we do away with physical tags now?

  13. Didn't find your question here?


Turkey Harvest Regulations