Compliance Period

Community Adoption

After all appeals are resolved, FEMA sends community officials a Letter of Final Determination (LFD) six months before the new FIRM and FIS report becomes effective. During this six-month period, communities must adopt or amend their floodplain management ordinance to reflect the new maps.

During this time, communities may send their ordinance (either current or updated draft) to the Flood Mitigation staff for review and comment. Ordinances can be sent to either:

Communities must adopt the new maps before the effective date to remain in compliance with the NFIP. Ordinances must be reviewed and approved by this office and FEMA before the new map effective date.

Effective Maps

Once the new FIRM takes effect, it will be available through FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center and will affect floodplain development requirements and/or flood insurance rates. Questions and concerns regarding ordinances, permitting, and NFIP requirements can be referred to our NFIP specialists.

Resilience Meeting

Once the maps become effective, the Flood Risk Products are completed. A resilience meeting will be coordinated with the communities to explain the products and give a live demonstration. The products will be given to the communities at this time.