Lower Saluda River Corridor Plans

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The 1990 Lower Saluda River Corridor Plan was produced by the South Carolina Water Resources Commission (now the SCDNR) and the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism in partnership with the 30-member Lower Saluda River Task Force. The 1990 corridor plan describes resources of the river, presents corridor maps, and portrays the river’s beauty with images by Columbia photographer, Will Barnes. River management issues are presented and recommendations provided to address access and facilities, historic and archaeological sites, law enforcement, litter, resource protection, tourism and promotion, and user safety. Conceptual plans for park opportunities and public access points along the river are presented. Ten months after the 1990 plan was produced, the S.C. General Assembly designated the lower Saluda as a State Scenic River.

In 2000, the Lower Saluda Scenic River Corridor Plan Update was prepared for the SCDNR Scenic Rivers Programs by the South Carolina Design Arts Partnership. The 2000 plan serves as an update and addition to the original 1990 corridor plan. The 2000 plan responds to community input and concerns on a range of river issues to include protecting wildlife habitat, water quality, and aesthetic values of the river, respecting private property rights, fixing problems at existing public access sites, and managing public safety. Most notable about this plan is the presentation of design concepts, drawings, and implementation step for creating a greenway trail system on the north bank of the river to connect Lake Murray, Saluda Shoals Park, Gardendale Landing, and Riverbanks Zoo.

Both documents, the 1990 corridor plan and the 2000 plan update, serve as the management plans for the Lower Saluda Scenic River

Download - 1990 Lower Saluda River Corridor Plan (19.7 MB)

Download - 2000 Lower Saluda Scenic River Corridor Plan Update (24 MB)


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