South Carolina Reptile & Amphibian Laws, Regulations and Permits

123-151.3(A) - No native reptile or amphibian, including parts, products, eggs, and derivatives may be sold, purchased, traded, exchanged, bartered, exported or shipped, transferred and/or re-homed. Exceptions can be found in Updated Rules and Regulations Chapter 123-151.1-4 and Code of Laws, Title 50, Chapter 15

Act 177 Frequently Asked Questions

Threatened or Endangered Reptile & Amphibian Species –
(Title 50, Chapter 15)

It shall be unlawful for any person to take, possess, transport, export, process, sell, or offer for sale or ship, and for any common carrier knowingly to transport or receive for shipment any species or subspecies of wildlife appearing on the below lists, except by permit for scientific and conservation purposes issued by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

State Endangered Reptiles & Amphibians  

  1. Atlantic Leatherback Turtle
    (Dermochelys c. coriacea)
  2. Atlantic Ridley Turtle
    (Lepidochelys kempii)
  3. Gopher Tortoise
    (Gopherus polyphemus)
  4. Atlantic Hawksbill Sea Turtle
    (Eretmochelys imbricata)
  5. Flatwoods Salamander
    (Ambystoma cingulatum)
  6. Webster’s Salamander
    (Plethodon websteri)
  7. Carolina Gopher Frog
    (Rana c. capito)

  State Threatened Reptiles & Amphibians

  1. American Alligator
    (Alligator mississippiensis)
  2. Atlantic Loggerhead Sea Turtle
    (Caretta caretta)
  3. Atlantic Green Sea Turtle
    (Chelonia mydas)
  4. Coal Skink
    (Eumeces anthracinus)
  5. Bog Turtle
    (Clemmys muhlenbergii)
  6. Spotted Turtle
    (Clemmys guttata)
  7. Southern Hognose Snake
    (Heterodon simus)
  8. Dwarf Siren
    (Pseudobranchus striatus)
  9. Pine Barrens Treefrog
    (Hyla andersonii)

Permit Applications

Scientific Collection Permit Application

Scientific Collection Permit Application Instructions

Temporary Exemption of Native Turtles Application

      SCDNR Turtle Marking Diagram for Turtle Registration

      Turtle Abnormalities/Injuries Datasheet for Turtle Registration

Application to Rehab Reptiles and Amphibians in SC

      Reptile and Amphibian Rehabilitation Reporting Form

Application to Exceed Possession Limits for Native Turtles

Application to Possess Spotted Turtles

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