Field Trial Regulations Chapter 123 - Regulation 123.96

Statutory Authority: § 50-11-2100

As required by Section 50-11-2100, the following regulations pertaining to operation of field trials are submitted for promulgation.

  1. It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct or participate in any field trial unless a permit for such trial has been obtained from the Department.

  2. Nowildlife may be taken during a field trial except during the open season for such species, except as permitted during specially permitted bird dog trials according to § 50-11-1350 of South Carolina state law.

  3. Requests for field trial permits (Adobe PDF file) must be submitted to the Department at least fourteen (14) days prior to the proposed trial date.  Requests shall include payment of five dollars ($5.00) per trial, the time and location of the proposed trial.  A charter or document indicating that the trial is sanctioned by a nationally recognized field trial organization must accompany all requests for field trial permits.

  4. Field trial permittees may be required to maintain records and file reports with the Department.

  5. Field trial permits (Adobe PDF file) may be issued by the Department for private lands outside of the regular season.

  6. There shall be no field trials conducted on Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) outside of the regular season, except as permitted by the Department on the Sand Hills State Forest special field trial area.

  7. Any nonresident participating in any field trial permitted by the Department shall not be required to procure a hunting license if the participant is not carrying a firearm and no game is taken.

  8. The Department may restrict or deny field trials at its discretion.

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