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White-winged Dove

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Doves - White-winged

Licenses: Hunting License required. Migratory Bird Hunting and Seasons set annually. Daily aggregate bag limit for mourning doves and white-winged doves is 15.

Limits: Please see Migratory Bird Regulations for any game zones restrictions or Limitations.

Complete hunting regulations.

White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica)


  • Sexes similar
  • Adult similar to juvenile
  • Large, chunky dove
  • Fairly long, black bill
  • Pale blue, teardrop-shaped orbital ring to eye
  • Pale gray-brown head, neck, back, belly and upperwings, with darker brown primaries
  • Long dark mark on lower face below eye
  • Purplish iridescence on neck
  • Bold white wing patch, visible at rest, formed by pale secondary coverts
  • Long tail is slightly rounded at tip
  • Dark brown tail with white corners bordered above by black line

Average Size

Length: 10.5 inches; approximate weight is between 4 to 6 ounces.

Preferred Habitat
Their range is Southwest United States, Texas, Gulf Coast States to Florida – uncommon visitor to South Carolina. Feeds on grass seed and waste grain.



Publications and Literature

Field Planting Guide

Doves of South Carolina - Identification and Status. (Adobe PDF) Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. Columbia, South Carolina

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Hunting Information

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