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South Carolina Temperature and Precipitation Trends 1901-2005

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South Carolina State Climatology Office
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Year Dates
in S.C.
Category Storm Track Map Comments
1950 October 18-19 Miami, FL H-3 King The storm weakened over S.C. upper Piedmont; heavy rains and gale force winds
1950 October 25 Cedar Key, FL H Love The storm delivered moderate to heavy intermittent rain.
1952 August 30-31 Beaufort, S.C. H-1 Able The storm entered the coast of S.C. near Beaufort with 80-90 mph winds and excessive rains. Two storm-related deaths.
1953 Aug. 31-Sept.1 Savannah, GA T.S. TS#3 North-northeast across S.C. as a weak TS.
1953 September 20-21 Cedar Key, FL T.S. TS#7 Tracked across north Fla., East Ga., and offshore S.C. coast. Scattered rainfall, moderate winds.
1953 September 27 Panama City, FL H-1 Florence Northeast over Fla., Ga.; weakened to extratropical storm. Gale winds; heavy to excessive rainfall.
1954 October 15 SC-NC State line H-4 Hazel One of the most stongest hurricanes to hit South Carolina. One storm related death. Storm surge: 16.9 feet. $27-million damage. Moved northward off the coast of SC during the morning of the 15th with its center passing between 90 and miles east of Charleston at 8 AM and reaching the SC-NC border between 9-10 AM.
1955 August 11-12 Cape Lookout, NC H-3 Connie No hurricane force winds were reported. Rain squalls occurred over lower part of the State. Tides were 1-2 feet higher than normal along the coast.
1955 August 17 Wilmington, NC H-1 Diane Moved North-northwest into N.C.; heavy rains, high tides, $100,000 damage in S.C.
1955 September 18-19 Morehead City, NC H-3 Ione Moved northward off the SC coast and was about 150 miles east of Myrtle Beach.
1956 September 21-24 Fort Walton Beach, FL H-1 Flossy Flossy became extratropical on the 25th over Georgia and continued northeastward across eastern South Carolina, dropping heavy rain throughout its path and breaking a drought in the northeast.
1958 September 27 none H Helene Approached north-coastal area, curved northeast. Minor damage reported.
1959 May 31-Jun 3 Week's Island, LA T.S. Arlene Rain event.
1959 July 8-9 McClellanville, SC H-1 Cindy One storm related death. Gale force winds, high tides, heavy rains ( 10 inches in some areas) caused considerable flooding. During its movement inland in SC had never reached hurricane strength until it moved inland near the Bulls Bay-McClellanville area north of Charleston at 10 PM on the 8th. Highest reported winds were 60-65 mph.
1959 September 29 St. Helena Is., SC H-4 Gracie Landfall with 130 mph winds and a central pressure of 951 mb. The Marine Corps Auxiliary Air Station recorded a gust of 138 mph. Six foot storm surge. Several fatalities reported. Excessive property damage along the coast. Heavy crop damage; moderate to heavy flooding from 6-8 inches of rainfall. NOAA's Hurricane Re-analysis Project researchers upgraded Hurricane Gracie from a Category 3 to a Category 4 hurricane in July 2016.

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