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South Carolina Temperature and Precipitation Trends 1901-2005

South Carolina Temperature and Precipitation Trends 1901-2010

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South Carolina State Climatology Office
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Year Dates
in S.C.
Category Storm Track Map Comments
2000 September 18-19 Cedar Key, FL H-1 Gordon Gordon Report
2000 September 22-23 Fort Walton Beach, FL T.S. Helene Helene Report
2001 June 12-14 Morgan City, LA T.S. Allison Allison Report
2002 October 11 McClellanville, SC H-1 Kyle Kyle Report
2003 July 2 King Lake, LA T.S. Bill Bill Report
2003 September 18-19 Drum Inlet, NC H-1 Isabel A Category 5 storm south of the Bahamas that weakened to a Category 1 storm offshore South Carolina.
2004 August 1-2 No Landfall H-3 Alex Alex Report
2004 August 12-13 ST George Island, FL T.S. Bonnie Bonnie Report
Supplemental Damage Report
2004 August 14 Cayo Costa, FL H-4 Charley Charley Report
Supplemental Damage Report
2004 September 6-8 Hutchinson Island, FL H-4Frances Frances Report
Supplemental Damage Report
2004 August 28-30 Awendaw, SC H-1 Gaston Gaston Report
Supplemental Damage Report
2004 September 17 Pine Beach, AL H-5 Ivan Ivan Report
Supplemental Damage Report
2004 September 27-28 Hutchinson Island, FL H-3 Jeanne Jeanne Report
Supplemental Damage Report
2005 July 7 Grand Isle, MS H-1 Cindy Cindy Report
2005 September 13-15 Wilmington, NC H-1 Ophelia Ophelia Report
2005 October 6 Atlantic Beach, FL T.S. Tammy Tammy Report
Supplemental Damage Report
2006 June 14 Adams Beach, FL T.S. Alberto Alberto Report
2006 September 1 Wrightsville Beach, NC T.S. Ernesto Ernesto Report
2007 May 8-12 No Landfall S.T.S. Andrea Andrea Report
2007 June 3-4 Tampa Bay, FL T.S. Barry Barry Report
2008 July 18-20 Florida Panhandle T.S. Cristobal Cristobal Report
2008 August 21-26 Flagler Beach, FL T.S. Fay Fay Report
2008 September 4-6 Sunset Beach, NC T.S. Hanna Hanna Report
2009 November 10-12 Bon Secour, AL T.S. Ida Ida Report

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