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 From the January - February 2014 Issue

View from Sassafras Mountain - photography by Michael Foster

Up On Sassafras
by Dennis Chastain

The new observation tower being built by the DNR on the state’s highest point will provide visitors with breathtaking views.


Coon dog treeing prey - photography by Phillip Jones

Cult of the Coon Dog
by Michael M. DeWitt Jr.

The single-minded devotion to chasing dogs and raccoons through woods and swamps in the dark of night displayed by die-hard coon hunters can seem downright fanatical to the uninitiated. But the power of this sport to change lives and bring people together might just explain it.

White tailed deer - artwork by Pam Corwin

The Last Drag
by Hunter Smith
original artwork by Pam Corwin

Old habits die hard. Some harder than others.

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