Wildlife Management

Index of WMA Maps WFF WMA Maps
Annual WMA maps showing the location of wildlife management areas available to the public in South Carolina.  
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SCDNR Game Zones Outlined with Managed Properties (PDF)
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Public Lands - properties listed under public lands may have additional maps to view under the Map and Directions tab for a selected property.
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Lake Murray WMA Map (PDF)
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Other Maps

Freshwater / Saltwater Dividing Line Map (PDF)
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Trout Fishing Maps and Guide (PDF)
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The ACE Basin Project Brochure/Map (PDF)
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COWASEE Basin Tour Guide Brochure/Map
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Jim Timmerman Natural Resources Area at Jocassee Gorges and Driving Tour Brochure/Map (PDF)
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Little Pee Dee River Guide/Maps (PDF)
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Lynches River Guide/Maps (PDF) Read More »

South Carolina 7.5-Minute Topographic Maps Index (PDF), map size: 22 x 17 inches

SCDNR Administrative Regions (PDF)

SCDNR Law Enforcement Administrative Regions (PDF)


Download GIS Data

GIS data is made available free of charge to the public in an effort to facilitate natural resource decision-making, analyses and education in South Carolina. GIS compatible desktop software is required to view and use this data. For more information see GIS Data Resources at SCDNR.

Image for SC DOQQ Archive Application DNR GIS Data Clearinghouse
The purpose of this site is to make available the GIS data that SCDNR has been developing since 1989.
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Energy Spatial Data MRD Alternative Energy Coastal Resources Spatial Data
A comprehensive spatial database on South Carolina's Coastal Resources and Activities through funding from the South Carolina Energy Office.  
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Energy Spatial Data Governors' South Atlantic Alliance
A comprehensive spatial database on biological resources and uses in Southeastern coastal waters of the US.  
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Agency Statewide GIS data DNR Department & Statewide GIS Data
GIS data is available for download from various SCDNR departments at no cost. 
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Agency Statewide GIS data Intertidal Oyster Reef GIS Data & Imagery
This data set contains mapped boundaries of intertidal oyster reefs and washed shell deposits found along the SC coast.  
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SC GAP Application South Carolina GAP Analysis Map Layers
GAP is a national program to address the difficult issues of land cover mapping, animal habitat characterization, and biodiversity conservation assessment at the state, regional, and national levels. Read More »

LiDAR Data Collection LiDAR Statewide Project & Data
LiDAR acquisition with 1.4 meter nominal point spacing for LAS and bare-earth, 18.5 cm vertical RMSE to support 2-foot contours, and 1.0 meter horizontal RMSE.  
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Map Products

The following list provides information about maps associated with a series generated by various program areas for public use.

Geologic Publications/Maps Geologic Publications and Maps
The Geological Survey develops, publishes, and distributes information on South Carolina's geology. Available as hard-copy publications and digital downloads. Read More »

Shellfish Maps Marine - Recreational Shellfish Maps
Maps showing SC Shellfish Management Areas related to recreational harvest.
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Flood Maps Flood Maps for SC
The South Carolina Flood Mitigation Program at SCDNR provides access to floodplain maps produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
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Mapping Applications & Tools

The following list includes interactive applications available to view various GIS data in a web browser without GIS compatible desktop software. Additional tools and applications will be added as they become available.

Oyster Recycling Locations Oyster Recycling Locations
Help DNR manage SC oyster resources by recycling your shells. Use this interactive map to locate and get Google Map directions to a nearby shell recycling drop off as well as participating restaurants and caterers.
Recreational Shellfish Harvest Recreational Shellfish Harvest
This interactive map application helps you locate nearby state managed shellfish grounds where you can harvest oysters and clams. You will also find important information about ground closures and regulations.
Coastal Artificial Reefs
This interactive map application shows the location of marine artificial reefs offshore of South Carolina. You can download the individual reef locations and PDF maps of the reef groups as they are found in the Guide to South Carolina Marine Artificial Reefs. Visit the artificial reefs project page for more information.
Tagged Marine Species Viewer
This interactive map application allows you to select a marine species and time interval to create a custom animation to visualize the seasonal occurrence of acoustically tagged animals in coastal waters of South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. Visit the coastal receiver project page for more information.
Intertidal Oyster Reefs
The interactive map application allows you to view the location of mapped oyster reef in the estuarine waters of coastal South Carolina. Visit the intertidal oyster reef mapping project page for more information.
Geology of South Carolina Geology of South Carolina
This application provides an overview of the geology of South Carolina. It shows simplified geologic units of the state that were created from generalizing more detailed, larger scale information. The descriptions of these units reveal the types of rocks and sediments that you may find there.
Interactive mapping application related to public lands.  

Some of the files above are in the Adobe PDF format. Adobe® Reader® is required to open these files and is available as a free download from the Adobe® Web site.

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